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"While education provides one with the skills and knowledge to execute jobs and professions responsibly, it also equips us with the necessary tools to think critically, to ask questions, to accept and reject information, and to offer innovative solutions to long-standing and seemingly impenetrable problems." -Dr. Robert Patterson, 1998 scholarship recipient
“The Hartford Foundation’s scholarship has allowed me to attend my first year of college without taking out student loans. Delaying taking out loans will allow me to be in a better financial situation after graduation.” -Hartford Foundation scholarship recipient
“The Hartford Foundation's scholarship is allowing me to get a worthwhile education that I may not have been able to receive otherwise. It allows me to attend a school that I love and am successful at. Without the help of this foundation I may not have chosen to go to the school that I am currently attending and the experience has been so wonderful I cannot imagine having spent my first semester anywhere else!” -Hartford Foundation scholarship recipient
“Hartford Foundation’s scholarship has enabled me to be able afford college and took some financial strain away so that I can focus more on academics instead of the costs.” -Hartford Foundation scholarship recipient